the575 Investment Fund
Simple Fixed Rate, Fixed Term Fund
About the575 Investment Fund
the575 Fund by deeproot Funds offers hybrid Preferred Equity Class C Shares, backed by insurance policies and affiliates, with a 5 year term, and choice of 35% lump sum return (i.e. 7% internal simple deferred per annum growth), or 5% annualized periodic (monthly) payments. the575 also features a large account bonus option.
Current Enhancements
We are offering the following enhancements for accounts $200,000 or higher. Contact us for details and qualifications.
  • Minimum investment is $50,000. Minimum investment for enhancements is $200,000
  • Non-Qualified or Qualified (IRA) Accounts from $200,000 to $499,999: a 2% increase per annum growth or income (i.e. 7% Periodic Income, or 9% simple deferred growth)
  • Non-Qualified or Qualified (IRA) Accounts $500,000 or higher: a 3% increase per annum growth or income (i.e. 8% Periodic Income, or 10% simple deferred growth)
  • Wind-up Bonus
    • 575 Deferred Accounts $200k -$499k get a 5% wind-up bonus
    • 575 Periodic Accounts $350k - $499k get a 5% wind-up bonus
    • Accounts $500k or over get a 10% windup bonus; a 5% increase over the standard 5%
The Fine Print
  • Returns are simple interest based on your initial principal and election.
  • Base returns without enhancements are:
    • PERIODIC - Base monthly income at 5% per annum interest for 5 years; or
    • DEFERRED - Base annual deferred growth at 7% per annum simple interest for 5 years
  • A wind-up bonus does not earn or pay growth during the 5 year term and is credited upon maturity.
  • At the end of 5 years you will receive principal and all accrued but unpaid growth.
  • The575 invests in several asset classes. Safe institutional life policies are the primary underlying asset, along with secondary allocations in other assets.
  • Please refer to the PPM for all term, risks, and guarantees.
  • ARP restrictions and limitations apply.
  • All investments, including the575, carry certain risks and potential risk of loss of principal. Stated returns are not indicative of future performance. See PPM for risk factors and other disclosures.
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